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Thank you to everyone who attended and spoke at the ELF Patient Organisation Day 2020, it was a fantastic day and we are grateful for your contributions. We have uploaded the videos of each talk which you can find on this page. We received a lot of questions for some of the talks, you can find the Q&A for these talks to the right of the video. At the bottom of the page, you can find the summary from the break-out discussion sessions. 

Isabel Saraiva- ELF Chair Welcomes us to Patient Organisation Day 2020

Otto Spranger from Österreichische Lungenunion Welcomes us to the day and show us the beauty of Vienna

Keynote speaker 1- Anna Spathis
Lead Consultant for Cambridge Breathlessness Intervention Service and University Lecturer, Cambridge University: 
Improving well-being: moving from disease to symptom focused support

Questions and answers from this talk

Keynote speaker 2- Francesco Pagnini
Clinical Psychologist and Associate Professor at Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore (Milan, Italy)

Psychological aspects and mind/body interventions for people with respiratory diseases

Questions and answers from this talk

Delegate speaker 1 - Susanne Shanks (PCD Support Group UK/Scotland): Support provided to PCD patients during the Covid-19 pandemic and challenges faced.

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Delegate speaker 2 - Frits Franssen (CIRO, Netherlands): Pulmonary rehabilitation for post-acute COVID-19 and how we did this in our center.

Delegate speaker 3: Gianluca Ziosi and Filippo Martone (Amici Contro la Sarcoidosi Italia ONLUS):  Sarcoidosis and Sars-Cov2 in Italy: what does the pandemic teach us?

Kjeld Hansen (ELF Chair-elect)

Fun and easy exercises that you can do from home.

Developed by Dr Georgia Hardavella and Nikitas Kampanis

Delegate speaker 4:  Kjeld Hansen (ELF Chair-elect)

Physical exercise and mental well-being.

Delegate speaker 6:  Shane Fitch, Lovexair, Spain

MyAVA Asthma Virtual Assistant 

Questions and answers from this talk

Video:  Anita Simonds, ERS President-elect

Keynote speaker 3 - Professor James Chalmers,  BLF Chair of Respiratory Research; School of Medicine, University of Dundee:

Lessons learned from COVID-19 and a view of the future for people with lung conditions.

Questions and answers from this talk

Thierry Troosters (ERS President):  MEP Lung Health Group

Isabel Saraiva and Kjeld Hansen close the day

Breakout Sessions

We held breakout sessions during the day- here you can find the summary of what was discussed.

breakout discussion.png